Purpose of the game

Classic Zombie is a Role-playing mode. The aim of the game is to get as many points as possible by infecting as many humans as possible. The player with the highest score wins.

How to play
  • Only registered players with membership card (RFID card members) can play this mode.

  • All players start the game as a human. The game server randomly pick a player and transform it to a Zombie.

  • Humans have the BLASTER and a limited number of lives and Zombies have the SHOTGUN and are immortal.

  • The human who get shot by a zombie loses lives. By finishing the lives the human player will transformed into a zombie.

  • The zombie that gets shot by a human will be stunned for a few seconds, during this time it cannot shoot.

  • The human gets points by hitting zombies, the zombie gets points by infecting a human.

  • When all humans have been infected, the initial situation is restored: all players will be converted to humans, except one, who will restart as a zombie.

  • Rocket Turrets (if present in the game) will hit opponent players. To disable the turret, hit it repeatedly for 5 seconds. The turret reactivates after 30 seconds.

  • The game ends when the time runs out.

  • Team and reload bases are not active in this mode.


Not provided.

Ammunition and Lives


  • Blaster: Unlimited

  • Lives: 3


  • Shotgun: 5 shots x Unlimited reloads

  • Lives: Unlimited



  • 100pt. Human hits zombies

  • 10pt. Zombie hits human

  • 1000pt. Zombie infects human

  • 1000pt. Last human in the match
  • 50pt. Turret knocked down


  • 100pt. Shot an opponent