Super Deathmatch

Purpose of the game

Super Deathmatch is a team mode. The aim of the game is to conquer the opposing base as many times as possible. The team with the highest score wins.

How to play
  • Only registered players with membership card (RFID card members) can play this mode.
  • The players are divided into two different colored teams. The two teams confront with the aim of conquering the opponent’s base and dominate it.
  • In order to conquer the opposing base, you need to unlock a particular weapon: THE MACHINEGUN
  • The Machinegun is an automatic machine gun with a very high fire rate, to be able to use it, you have to press and hold the multi functional touch key; the shots related to the weapon will appear on the display. To unlock the Machinegun you need to shot 5 opponents (different players or the same opponent) in a row without getting shot, otherwise you have to reset the count to unlock the weapon. After having obtained the Machinegun, if you get shot or you finish its ammunitions you will lose it and the unlocking phase must be repeated again. After obtaining the Machinegun you can conquer the enemy’s base.
  • To conquer the base, it is necessary to activate it with one shot and detonate it with a subsequent shot 5 seconds after activation (you can shot with Machinegun or Blaster, but it is important to have them both at that moment).
  • The base reactivates 30 seconds after it was hit. The exploded base shoots anyone in its range until it becomes active again.
  • Ammo and lives are limited, players who run out of ammo or lives can return to their reload station to resume the game.
  • Rocket Turrets (if present in the game) will hit opponent players. To disable the turret, hit it repeatedly for 5 seconds. The turret reactivates after 30 seconds.
  • The game ends when the time runs out.


Ammunition and Lives
  • Blaster: 200 shots (primary weapon)
  • Machinegun: 240 shots (secondary weapon)
  • Lives: 6


  • +200pt. Shot an opponent
  • -100pt. Get shot by an opponent
  • -100pt. Shot a team partner
  • +4000pt. Dominate the base
  • -100pt. Get shot by any blown base
  • +200pt. Turret knocked down
  • -100pt. Get shot by turret

Rocket Turret:

  • +200pt. Shot an opponent
  • -100pt. Get shot by an opponent
  • -100pt. Shot a team partner

The team score is equal to one tenth of the sum of the players’ scores.