Purpose of the game

War Of Weapons is a role-play mode. The aim of the game is to get as many points as possible. The player with the highest score wins.

How to play
  • Only registered players with membership card (RFID card members) can play this mode.
  • All players start the game as a human. The game server randomly pick a player and transform it to a Zombie.
  • Humans have BLASTER and Zombies have the SHOTGUN and both have only 1 life.
  • A human who is hit by a zombie is transformed into a zombie and a zombie that is hit by the human must return to regenerating points in one of the 4 corners of the arena (reload station). If a human enters to one of the zombie’s regenerating points will become a zombie.
  • Humans get points by hitting zombies and zombies score points for hitting humans. Humans lose points if hit by allies.
  • When all humans have been infected, the initial situation is restored: all players are converted into humans, except one, who will restart as a zombie.
  • Rocket Turrets (if present in the game) will hit opponent players. To disable the turret, hit it repeatedly for 5 seconds. The turret reactivates after 30 seconds.
  • The game ends when the time runs out.

Not provided.

Ammunition and Lives


  • Blaster: 10 shots x 4 reloads
  • Lives: 1


  • Shotgun: 5 shots x Unlimited reloads
  • Lives: 1


  • +100pt. Human hits zombies
  • +10pt. Zombie hits human
  • +1000pt. Zombie infects human
  • +1000pt. Last human in the match
  • -10pt. Human hit by an ally
  • +50pt. Turret knocked down

Rocket Turret:

  • +100pt. Shot an opponent