Purpose of the game

Deathmatch is a team mode. The aim of the game is to conquer the opponent’s base as many times as possible. The team with the highest score wins.

How to Play
  • The players are divided into two different colored teams. The two teams confront with the aim of conquering the opponent’s base and dominate it.
  • To dominate the base, it is necessary to activate it with one shot and detonate it with a subsequent shot 5 seconds after activation. The base reactivates 30 seconds after it was hit. The exploded base shoots anyone in its range until it becomes active again.
  • Ammunitions and lives are limited, players who run out of ammo or lives can return to their reload station to continue the game.
  • Rocket Turrets (if present in the game) will hit the opposing team’s players. To disable the turret, hit it repeatedly for 5 seconds. The turret reactivates after 30 seconds.
  • The game ends when the time runs out.

Not provided.

Ammunition and Lives
  • Blaster: 120 shots
  • Lives: 6


  • +200pt. Shot an opponent
  • -100pt. Get shot by an opponent
  • -100pt. Shot a team partner
  • +1000pt. Dominate the base
  • -100pt. Get shot by any blown base
  • +200pt. Turret knocked down
  • -100pt. Get shot by turret

Rocket Turret:

  • +200pt. Shot an opponent
  • -100pt. Get shot by an opponent
  • -100pt. Shot a team partner

The team score is equal to one tenth of the sum of the players’ scores